UStudy Sports and InnoPerformance join forces

A Unique Academic-Athletics Partnership For Athletes With ‘GUTS’ 

Voorburg, the Netherlands (September 15, 2016) (>>download as PDF)

In response to the fast-growing interest in combining sports with a study experience in the US, UStudy Sports has recently joined forces with InnoPerformance to create an elite-level placement organization: Go USA Talent in Sports (GUTS). The GUTS team is led by two highly-motivated professionals, both of whom have extensive and professional experience in advising (top) athletes in their desire to continue their studies in the US: Mark Schuurman is responsible for athlete guidance and Marina Meijer is responsible for all academic affairs.

InnoPerformance is a consultancy firm that focuses on the development of sports in an innovative way. Its founder Mark Schuurman is the main point of contact for GUTS athletes and sports coaches. He is a physical education teacher, sports manager and master coach. He has worked with several (inter)national sports organizations such as various sports federations, the Dutch Olympic Committee and specialists connected to high performance sports.

UStudy Sports’ academic adviser Marina Meijer has spent many years guiding students who want to pursue an educational experience in the US, including placing them in varsity sport teams. Clients were offered spots at Ivy League schools and major sports powerhouses, but also at excellent liberal arts colleges and affordable junior colleges and high schools.

GUTS guides talented athletes who have the desire and ambition to improve their level of play in a professional environment while obtaining a degree in the number 1 sports country in the world – the United States. GUTS focuses on each athlete’s long-term goals, of which placement in the US forms an important component. Not only will the athletes’ playing level be taken into account, but also their educational aspirations and all financial options or limitations. A detailed and personal development plan is designed for all GUTS athletes as far ahead as 2 years before their start in the US. GUTS also works with the athlete’s coaches, fitness trainers and other professionals to make sure that they are fully prepared for their US career. GUTS athletes will continue to enjoy GUTS’ services during their study period in the US.

UStudy Sports and InnoPerformance bring together years of experience in the optimal development of sports talent and placing talented student-athletes in all sports into teams at high quality, accredited schools throughout the US. The combination of knowledge and experience on the one hand and personal care and commitment to the athlete and parents on the other hand makes their service unique in the world.

GUTS will be introducing itself to the public at the upcoming Go USA Education Fairs on 17 & 18 September in The Hague and Rotterdam.

For more details:

Marina Meijer:, +31 (0)6 1416 2972

Mark Schuurman:, +31 (0)6 4100 4151